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What will I need to get Licensed as a PMU Artist? 

After you complete your training at MOKO | DOJO Training Academy you will want to know what comes next for the start of your PMU career. 

Similar to Esthetics and Cosmetology, Micropigmentation is a licensed practice, individuals are required to carry a license in order to perform micropigmentation procedures. 

There are currently no statewide regulations for Body Art, Massachusetts Microblading Regulations will be set at the town or city level. Although requirements to receive your Body Art license will vary by state and town.

Our beginner course is designed to provide you with a 100-hour certification course required to obtain your Microblading license and begin practicing on clients!  Learn More below.

Massachusetts Microblading Regulations 


The links below will take you to the Massachusetts town/city Board of Health Regulations page, where you will be able to find updated information on Massachusetts Body Art Regulations. Check for additional requirements such as Body Art apprenticeships.

We suggest contacting the Board of Health of the desired city for updated Permanent Cosmetic Regulations & Applications if your town is not listed.

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We want you to have the opportunity to jumpstart your PMU career here at MOKO | DOJO. Our goal for this program is to give you confidence, business mindset and expand your skillset!

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