Frequently Asked Questions


What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is the process of implanting pigment into the skin using a needle. This is described as the art of cosmetic tattooing, all techniques fall under Micropigmentation. These could include: Microblading, Combo brows, Powder brows, Shaded Brows, Nano Brows. Microblading: a technique used to create tiny hairstoke-like cuts in the eyebrow to enhance each client's shape. A disposable hand tool is used with a nano blade to create these strokes and pigment is pl;anted into the strokes. The end result is a tiny, crisp stroke that mimics the hair. This is our most natural technique. Combo brows: a technique that uses microblading (see above) and soft shading/powder. Once the microblading strokes are done we go in with a manual pen machine and nano needle to pixelate the skin. The end result is a soft powdered finish that defines the eyebrows and gives them more definition. How we choose: We choose technique based on a number of factors: age, eyebrow goals, skin elasticity, skin complexion, amount of hair present, thickness of the hair, and medical conditions.

The MOKO Process

At Moko we pride ourselves in taking the most natural approach to your eyebrows. We focus on ‘building a brow” over the course of the initial appointment and the follow-up appointment. Both appointments are required to ensure that your eyebrows are perfect. The Initial appointment We do a full consultation with each client, discussing eyebrow goals and techniques to come up with a plan together. We fully outline the eyebrow shape that we will be doing using a mapping process to make eyebrows as balanced, the expectation cannot be that your eyebrows will be symmetrical, it is impossible due to facial bones and muscles. If hair is present we base the shape off of hair so that we can keep the eyebrows as natural as possible. Once each client Ok’s the shape we then proceed forward with the appointment. We want every client to be 100% sure with moving forward with the appointment. If we feel as though we cannot proceed or if the client does not feel comfortable we will never push you into completing the appointment. If for some reason we cannot move forward each client is responsible for 100% of the service amount. The follow-up appointment We schedule all follow up appointments 12-16 weeks AFTER the initial appointment. This is to be sure that the eyebrow is fully healed. Going back into the skin before the 12-16 weeks can result in scarring. At each follow-up we will assess how the eyebrows healed and make any adjustments necessary. We can adjust color, shape and technique at this appointment to perfect the eyebrows as we see fit. We require all follow-up appointments to be booked at the time of the initial appointment if available. We give you 6 months to make your follow-up appointment, Anything booked after 6 months will be an initial appointment again. Refresher appointments We recommend all refresher appointments be done AT LEAST 2-3 years after your follow-up appointment. If your eyebrows have not faded enough then we will push your appointment out. All tools and pigments have upgraded and it is not necessary to come right on the 2 or 3 year mark. We would rather you wait until your brows have faded and then reach out to us with pictures so that we can assess and recommend when to come. This is not something that you refresh every year, you need to give the pigment time to break down or else it will result in blotchiness and harsh eyebrows in years to come. Eyebrow Micropigmentation is always changing. We are always keeping up with new techniques, services and products used. There is no date as to how long your eyebrows will last, please be prepared to have them there for many years to come and it is your responsibility to keep up with the refresher appointments

Previously done Micropigmentation or Tattoos

We do require that any client that has previously done Micropigmentation (Cosmetic tattoo, Microblading, etc.) on the area they wish to have done must email pictures to Pigment needs to be faded significantly before they can be done again to have the best possible outcome, because of this We do require that the pigment be about 80% faded before booking an INITIAL appointment. We do not offer touch-ups or refreshers for clients with previously done work. If the brows are not significantly faded We will always recommend waiting or having removal services before We can do an Initial appointment.

Removal Services

At Moko We do offer removal services using the Botched Ink Treatment Process. Botched Ink is a gentle saline solution used to remove permanent makeup, microblading, and scalp pigmentation. The ingredients in the solution are designed to promote blood flow, pushing the pigment to the surface and out of the skin, and promote quicker healing. The formula is close to the skin's natural PH level so you only feel a mild sting. Removal, similar to micropigmentation, is a multi part process, so typically clients will come in for multiple sessions, depending on their needs. The results will depend on how much pigment is in the skin and how deep the pigment is. If you're interested in personalized recommendations, this is a service Stelios does offer consultations on!

Medical Conditions / Contraindications

PLEASE REVIEW BEFORE BOOKING ANY MICROPIGMENTATION SERVICES You may not be a good candidate for micropigmentation if you have any of the below conditions. Please reach out by email if you have any questions, AutoImmune: clients with the below conditions have compromised immune systems which may greatly affect the healing process or health of the client. For safety, We cannot perform microblading services on clients with these conditions.

  • Diabetes Type 1 - Doctor’s note is required
  • Cancer - Must be out of active chemotherapy and radiation for a minimum of 8 months
  • Lupus
  • Hepatitis B/C
  • HIV / AIDS
Blood Disorders are at high risk for excessive bleeding and poor results.
  • Sickle Cell
  • Hemophilia
Skin Conditions inherently cause you to be more sensitive, bleed easily, and have more dryness, flaking, or shedding. If you have any of the below on your face, you may not be a good candidate for micropigmentation services, this includes brows, eyes, and lips. We are not able to microblade over scarring, moles, bumps, piercings, or keloids.
  • Severe Acne
  • Severe Rosacea
  • Accutane - must be off for 6 months
  • Steroids - must be off for 6 months
  • Keloid Formations
  • Antibiotics - must be off for 2-4 weeks
Active Skin Conditions
  • Cold Sores
  • Shingles
  • Impetigo
  • Psoriasis
  • Pink Eye
  • Vitiligo

Pain Sensitive Clients

Our clients are very comfortable! We use a topical numbing cream prior to the procedure as well as during the procedure. This helps with client comfort and excessive bleeding. Products used: Zensa 5% Lidocaine numbing cream Duration 5% Epinephrine and Lidocaine mix

Laminations and Brow Shapings prior to Micropigmentation

Clients who get Brow Lamination services done, please understand that laminations soften the hair to create a “fluffier” eyebrow look. If you do not want this look done with your micropigmentation then please refrain from getting a lamination done at least a month prior to your appointment. If you are looking for a fluffier look please get lamination done 2 weeks prior to appointment. After Micropigmentation please wait 6-8 weeks to start laminating your eyebrows again. Eyebrow Shapings include tweezing, waxing, threading, sugaring. Please get all eyebrow hair removal services done at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment. Please do not come to your appointment with freshly tinted, dyed, or henna on your brows, We will be unable to do the appointment and will send you home and you will be responsible for 100% of the service amount.

All Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Procedures require Multiple Sessions

An initial application is incomplete until after a follow-up appointment, which must be scheduled approximately 12-16 weeks after your initial appointment. There is an additional cost to your follow-up appointment and is not included in your initial appointment cost. While your skin heals, please be prepared for the color intensity of your procedure to be significantly larger, sharper, brighter, and darker than what is expected. This is a normal and expected result of the application and healing process. The healing process will take a number of days to complete, depending on how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates and new skin regrows to take its place. Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel it best not to make social plans for a day or two following any procedure. Please ensure you have read all of our Micropigmentation Policies and FAQ prior to your appointment. They are available on our website at

Sun Burn / Tanned Skin

As your skin exfoliates from sun damage it may take the pigment with it causing poor results. If clients arrive to their appointments with a sunburn or tan, We may be unable to perform the service and the client will be responsible for the full service amount. Please avoid tanning and sun exposure at least two week prior to your appointment and during the healing process. Once your brows are fully healed, we recommend that you apply spf in the brows regularly to avoid fading and preserve the brow’s vibrancy.

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, & Miscarriages

We cannot work on any client who is pregnant or breastfeeding. This is due to unknown complications and risks associated with this procedure. We recommend once each client has given birth or finished breastfeeding to wait an additional 4 months. This allows for your hormones to rebalance and helps us and you to have the best results possible. *This also applies to all miscarriages and terminated pregnancies*

Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serums

In order to stimulate growth, these serums increase blood flow to the region, which causes excessive bleeding and poor results. Please discontinue for at least 3 months before an appointment. The use of Latisse® must be discontinued at least 3 months prior to your eyeliner procedure (it creates an inflammatory response, causes excess bleeding and prohibits the eyeliner from healing well). The use of Revitalash or other Lash enhancement serums must be discontinued 2 weeks prior to and eyeliner procedure