"Tā moko" is the Maori term for "tattoo", specifically a face tattoo. Each "Moko" is specifically designed to that person, just like how every persons eyebrows are different and created only for them. Moko Moko in Japanese means "fluffy", conveniently how eyebrows should be, fluffy, full and natural.




Wife, dog mama, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Esthetician. However you found yourself on my page, thank you! Maybe a friend or co-worker told you, maybe you are interested in a service but a little nervous, or maybe you are sick and tired of filling in your brows. You know what I'm talking about. One looks great, the other not so great. One day they are dark, one day they are light, one day they smudge off because its 100 degrees outside, the next day you forget and you feel like an alien. I GET IT!

I'm here to help your get ready routine become a little easier, and your no make-up confidence fly through the roof. Get ready to say bye to hours and money spent on make-up and hello to time. What will you do with all of that extra time? Thats up to you!

I have been doing Cosmetic Tattooing for almost 5 years and have been an Esthetician for 7. I have worked in Boston, Worcester, the South Shore, and have finally found my own beauty home in Stoneham, MA. I take the most natural approach to your face, I am here to enhance, not cover and over shadow any other feature of yours. Each client's outcome is unique and different. No two brows are the same (as we know and hate) and no two faces are the same. Come hang out with me and leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with a little more sass than when you walked in.

I can't wait to meet you!




Master Esthetician, Bridal make-up guru, Cosmetic tattoo artist, dog mama, make shift interior designer, just a few of many of Lexi’s traits. We all start somewhere in our careers, and Lexi’s started out with her love for special effects make-up and has led her through all walks of beauty ending at our beautiful BROW HAUS. Lexi has those perfect bushy, full brows that we all dream about. She spent her earlier years hating them and wanting to shave them off but now has embraced the fluff. She gets it! You hate your brows, they are either too bushy with no shape or too sparse with no hair. You fill them in and you hate it but if you don’t fill them in then who are you? Trust me you are in good hands with this brow queen.

Lexi is here to enhance your brows and give you all the confidence you need. Because hello, brows really are the main event of the face.

When Lexi is not slaying all the faces she is playing with her dog, Akela and friends. She loves exploring outdoors and hopes to own a home in Tulum one day (no don’t ask her to do your brows on vacation). She has been in the beauty industry for 6 years, starting her career in LA at make-up designer school. She literally has done it all; facials, brows, make-up, lashes. Come hang with Lexi and get some brow and outfit inspo all while perfecting your already beautiful face.




Jackie has been in the permanent make-up industry for 17 years. We really should call her “Jackie of all trades” because there isn’t a service that she doesn’t do and excel at. She specializes in all services in this industry- she is the lip and eyeliner queen (trust me your face will thank you). Not only is the face her specialty, she also is experienced in Scar camouflage, micro needling and Areola restoration.

She has been a student of the craft, an artist to thousands of clients and also a teacher to new artists starting their journey. She has mastered color corrections, techniques and everything in between.

In her spare time she loves spending time with family, especially her twin grandsons and her puppies Ollie and Teddy. Jackie loves being in this industry and meeting all different people and making them feel their absolute best. If you are lucky enough not only will she transform your face but she will also cook you an amazing Italian dinner or at least give you the directions to try yourself!! Jackie is so excited to see her clients that she has been with for years and excited to meet new clients!