MOKO Beauty is fun, vibey, & edgy. We're located in Stoneham, MA just 20 mins from Boston. Each artist brings a unique talent and is here to give you the most natural approach to your face.


Tā moko" is the Maori term for "tattoo", specifically a face tattoo. Each "Moko" is specifically designed to that person, just like how every persons eyebrows are different and created only for them. Moko Moko in Japanese means "fluffy", conveniently how eyebrows should be, fluffy, full and natural.


At MOKO we offer both Microblading and Shading techniques to achieve your desired brow look. With Microblading, we create thin lines which mimic hairstrokes to create a very natural, soft, and fluffy look. With shading techniques, pixels are placed into the brow filling them in. These pixels are placed to create a beautiful mixture, adding dimension, and blending into your own hair.


The best of both worlds, because why not have both if you can!





A brow lamination and tint is the perfect combo for that fluffy brow look! A lamination will soften the hairs giving length and allowing you to guide the hairs direction. Following up with a tint will give the brows more dimension, vibrancy, and volume. If necessary, any stray hairs can be taken at the appointment.

If you are just looking to get a clean and crisp shape while adding a little something! We also offer brow shapings with a tint as well! 


Because who wants to add 7 pounds of lipstick weight per year?


Lip Blush is a flush of color on your lips. Gloss and go if you will! No harsh outlines or thick choppy color. Color pixels are added to the lips to create a flawless blush of color.


Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help thicken and restore the look of fuller hair.


This is great for clients who are starting to thin, recede, or are completely bald! 


A gentle saline solution is used to remove permanent makeup, and scalp pigmentation.


The ingredients in the solution are designed to promote blood flow, pushing the pigment to the surface and out of the skin. The formula is close to the skin's natural PH level so you only feel a mild sting.





Wife, dog mama, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Esthetician and our beloved owner of MOKO Beauty. However you heard about her I’m sure “eyebrows” were attached to it. She prides herself in taking the most natural approach to eyebrows through Micropigmentation since she was well versed on the “90s brows” having her brows as thin as dental floss in the past. Through her own eyebrow journey she fell in love with enhancing others' features as naturally as possible, a confidence that everyone deserves and should be able to experience. 


Alexa has been a Cosmetic Tattoo artist for 6 years and has been an Esthetician for 7. She has worked in many avenues of beauty: Skincare, laser, body contouring, waxing before finding her love in cosmetic tattooing. She has worked in Boston, Worcester and the South Shore before opening her very own studio on Boston’s North Shore in Stoneham, Ma. Her vision for MOKO was to have a safe space for clients and artists. A space that was calming, reassuring, vibey and if you've been then you know that is exactly what our MOKO is.

If Alexa’s energy doesn't keep you a client for life then her talent most certainly will. She is obsessed with interior design so if you’re lucky she can help you renovate your home, with or without your partner's permission!

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Stelios comes to MOKO with a very unique background. He is a Business & Technology Consultant by day and restoring your brows, lips, and scalp by night. His business, and tech background along with his personality have helped him to be extremely detailed to his craft and very hands on with each client. Each client is different and needs a unique touch. There is no “cookie cutter” look like some might think with any treatment whether it be

brows, lips, or SMP. Stel is here to help boost your confidence.


When Stel is not working he is spending time with his wife and puppy. He loves traveling and if you are in his chair long enough he might even teach you some words in Greek! Come schedule with Stelios and get back the confidence you deserve every time you wake up or take a picture.

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Shianne, but you can call her Shi! Shianne has been in the beauty industry for about 3 years. She specializes in all things skin (our favorite) and brows. She's had the opportunity to work with a variety of different skin types and ethnicities in both a medical and spa setting. Facials, tweezing, laminations, microblading, you name it she is your girl!


She found microblading under 2 years ago and is obsessed (OBVIOUSLY). She loves how microblading fulfills her artistic-aesthetically pleasing OCD, it's a blessing and a curse but your face will thank her! She has a unique touch and an eye for detail to create the brows of your dreams. She has put her all into her training and cannot wait to grow her career and FLEEK whoever is in her chair!


When she is not doing all things beauty, Shianne loves being with friends and family and manifesting her next moves (she can’t be more MOKO if she tried). She is a plant mama who fuels off of matcha lattes and her weighted blanket. Come see She and let her work all her magic and have you feeling like you just went on a retreat.

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Rob trained at MOKO DOJO and when you know, you know! His talent, demeanor and approach couldn't be more MOKO if he tried. He blew us away and we cannot wait for him to blow you all away! From a very young age, he found his love for beauty. At the age of 15 he was doing brow shapings and loved all things brows!. That soon led into the make-up world where he found his passions in make-up and special FX, but he didn't just stop there. He graduated from Catherine Hinds in 2019 and now has over 7 years of experience with brows, make-up, facials and skin treatments. He is extremely knowledgeable in all things beauty and trust us when you see him youre going to want ALL the secrets!

He took a leap into Micropigmentation to further expand his skill set for brows and it was a match made in heaven. Rob is always working to perfect his craft, no matter what you are looking for, you are in incredible hands. He specializes in laminations, and shapings. If you want to start out small, hes your guy! Fluffy brows, hes got you covered. Natural hairstrokes, say no more! 

When he's not at moko rob loves spending time with his family, working out, or grabbing some drinks with friends! He wants a goldendoodle named Frankie, so help us convince him that he needs one! We are so thrilled to have such a loving, hardworking soul join our family and cannot wait for you to meet him!

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Ricky has always loved all things beauty, especially brows! The first makeup product he ever picked up was a brow pencil! He has worked in the beauty industry for over 6 years with companies including Sephora, Tarte, First Aid Beauty, and the beauty division at TJX Companies. Having studied Communications and Event Management in school, combined with his experience in Makeup/Skincare products, Trainings, Sales, Merchandising, and Administration, he makes the perfect jack-of-all-trades for all things MOKO. 


When he’s not helping the behind-the-scenes magic happen effortlessly, you can find him on vacation working on his tan or planning his next adventure!