Please kindly note that we have a strict no pets or children in the studio policy. Especially during your service due to safety and sterile purposes. 

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Feathery hair stokes are added to the eyebrow to create an au natural look. Undetected, fluffy and full to make all of your brow dreams come true. Can be done with a hand tool or with a machine depending on multiple factors (age, skin type, texture)


A machine shading technique where pixels are placed into the brow to fill them in. More of a "make-up like look". This technique is still very natural but is bolder than microblading/hair stroke method.

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The best of both worlds, because why not have both if you can! Microblading/hairstrokes are placed to keep the brows fluffy and soft and powder is added to create a beautiful mixture to blend your own hair.

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Because who wants to add 7 pounds of lipstick weight per year? Lip Blush is a flush of color on your lips. Gloss and go if you will! No harsh outlines or thick choppy color. Pixels are added to the lips to create a flawless blush of color.