COVID-19 Changes

Due to Covid-19 and re-opening guidelines I have implented some policies to make sure we are practicing as safely as possible.

Waiting Room - Closed

Please text when you arrive to your appointment and wait in your car. Once I am ready for you, I will text you to come inside for your appointment.


Extended Appointment Times

I have extended all appointments to minimize clients having to cross paths with eachother and to give me sufficient time to clean and sanitize.


Digital Forms

All forms will be emailed to you prior to your appointment, please fill out using your smartphone, iPad, or computer.


Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment

This is not a new rule but with COVID-19 regulations in place we need to make sure that you and only you come to your appointment. There will be no exceptions made to this.



You will be required to wear a mask to your appointment and keep it on throughout your appointment. I will be wearing a mask and gloves through the entire appointment as well.


Feeling sick? Stay home

If you are having any symptoms of illness at all, please stay home to not put anyone at risk. If you are showing visable signs of sickness you will be sent home immediately.



It is highly encouraged during this transitional time to pay with Cash, Venmo or Cashapp if possible. This will help to minimize and touching of screens or cards.

Results are not guaranteed

While I pride myself in my extensive look at detail and dedication to each service there are factors out of my control that can effect the outcome. The pre and post care and how the pigment heals into your skin will all contribute to how your healed results will look.

Extra sessions for touch-ups may be needed to get optimal results. No guarantee is made and it is the client's responsibility to keep up with maintenance to ensure longevity.​

I will always do my best to give you the outcome you hope for and the best quality of service. Please refer to my FAQ page for more information and always read through before booking an appointment.


We do not offer separate consultations.


If you have a previous tattoo that was NOT done by an artist at MOKO, this includes microblading, powder/shading, ombre, nano brows, tattooed brows, you must email us clear up-close pictures of the area at info@mokobeautystudio.com. You cannot book an appointment prior to us confirming that we've received your pictures and have provided you with next steps.

Any client who is nervous or unsure about procedure(s) that has not had any previously done work on the area please reach out via email at info@mokobeatystudio.com. During your initial appointment we allot time for a full consultation to go over everything with you.

Previously done cosmetic tattooing

Any client interested in having their eyebrows done, eyeliner or lip color that has had them done in the past by another artist outside of MOKO MUST send clear up-close pictures at info@mokobeautystudio.com. In some cases we cannot go over someone else's work. There are a lot of unknowns when doing corrective work. We don't know how many sessions, pigments and tools used, or the shape. If we are not 100% certain that we can make it better we will not have you come in for an appointment. We require previously done work to be AT LEAST 50-70% faded before we will consider going over them.


Please read through ALL frequently asked questions before booking an appointment, if you have any other questions reach out to me, I am happy to help you. Reach out to info@mokobeautystudio.com

Client only in procedure room

I understand this is a fun and exciting event that you might want to share with someone or just for moral support. It is extremely distracting to have someone else in the room. With that in mind I will not allow friends or family in the treatment area to ensure optimal results

Cancellation and Late Policy

Moko is a very small studio and in order for me to give you a great service, I do ask that you are respectful of my time as I will be respectful of yours. Please give 48 hour notice of cancellation of appointment. I understand that things happen and I will help you get rescheduled as quickly as possible. But to ensure that another client can be seen in your time slot and that you do not get charged for the full cost of your appointment, please give me at least 48 hour notice.

If you are running later please let me know ASAP so I can try to make adjustments, if I can. Clients who arrive 15 minutes late to an appointment may have to forfeit the appointment and will be charged for the full appointment.

Missed Appointments

We will send you multiple appointment reminders leading up to your appointment. Once the 48 hour window has been closed it is your responsibility to remember and show up for your appointment. If you do no show an appointment you will be charged the full amount of the appointment and will need to reschedule.


We accept all major credit cards and Cash. No checks will be accepted for payment of an appointment.

Procedure Refusal

I have the right to refuse any client that I do not deem appropriate for the scheduled service for safety reasons. This includes all clients that are pregnant or breast feeding.