We ask that all booking is done online to ensure that each client knows exactly what and when they are booking. You will be asked to fill out a series of forms, upload pictures of your eyebrows, and pay a deposit. Once you have completed this, you will then see the appointment has been requested. Each artist will then go in and personally accept the appointment after reviewing all the information provided. Please be patient with us as this may take up to 1 week.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

We understand that life happens and we try our very best to accommodate all of our clients. We ask that you please reach out ASAP with any changes that need to be made to your appointment. At Moko each client books their own appointment through our booking site. Once that time has been reserved we require rescheduling or cancellations be made a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment. Late reschedules or cancellations will be charged the FULL service amount. We do require a 50% deposit when booking any appointments, should you need to cancel before the 48hr window, We will refund your deposit. Appointments rescheduled before the 48 hours will transfer the deposit to your new date and time.

No Shows

Clients who fail to show up for their appointments are responsible for the full service amount and will be charged. Please use your correct contact information when booking as we will send text messages, email reminders, and may reach out with additional questions.

Running Late

We understand that accidents and traffic happen. Please plan accordingly when driving into your appointment and allow enough time to get to the studio and park. If a client is more than 15 minutes late we will have to cancel your appointment and we will charge 100% of the service amount.

Right to Cancel

Please keep in mind that our appointment times are long and We ask that our clients be respectful of the time they reserve with the artists by confirming or cancelling their appointments in an appropriate time frame, as well as providing any necessary information for the procedure in a timely manner. This includes filling out all necessary forms/info PRIOR to the appointment. We will make appropriate attempts to reach you, however, We reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed appointments, or any appointments We have not received any necessary forms or information. Please use your most up to date and correct contact information as we may need to reach out.


We do not offer consultations at Moko unless you are looking into removal services and SMP. All eyebrow and lip blush appointments are booked online through our booking site by the client. We recommend all clients be 100% sure of the service they are coming in for, as well as their artist. If you have any questions please email us and we will be happy to answer anything you are unsure of. We expect all clients coming to their appointment are ready for the procedure, have done their research and know what to expect. We expect all clients to be professional and trust each artist that they are seeing. We have the right to stop any appointment due to misbehavior, and safety. We take our craft very seriously and If we feel as though a client should not get the service done, does not listen to our advice or is extremely pushy we will send them home and the client is responsible for 100% of the service. We will never persuade you, or push you into a direction with a service or with an artist. We want each client to take their time and come to us when they are fully ready. Each of our artists have a full portfolio on their instagrams that we encourage clients to view before booking: Alexa Nika: @bostonbrowsociety Stelios Nika: @restore.ink Lexi Agbey: @brow.potential Shianne Costa: @shapedbyshi.pmu

Bringing Friends or Family / No Children

We require all clients to come alone to your appointment. As much as this is a fun appointment and you may want to bring a friend or family member for moral support or to accompany you on the drive we do not allow them to be with you in the studio. Our artists need to be focused and it can be very distracting to us which can result in us not being able to do our best work. Children are not allowed in the studio, under no circumstances. Appointment times are long and there is a lot of dangerous equipment in the studio for children to be around. Please find child care prior to your appointment.

Direct Messaging

Moko is a collaboration of artists. Please be respectful of our time on and off of work. We ask that no Direct messages be sent to our instagrams in regards to appointments or questions. All client communication needs to be made through emails (with either the artist or the studio). Please text message or call MOKO directly. If you have an artist's personal number please do not use it. Just like we respect your time we ask that you respect ours.

Right to Refuse Service

Although it is extremely rare, We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason but especially for the following: - Undisclosed medical/skin condition (including sunburn/suntan) - Under the influence of drugs or alcohol - Any client deemed inappropriate for safety reasons - Any behavior that might compromise my ability to work safely and comfortably toward the desired results, or might disrupt other clients